Healthy food – it’s so easy with Us

One of our main criteria of management business is continuing work on expanding the range of our production to meet the growing needs of Ukrainian consumers in healthy, high-quality and relatively cheap products.

That’s why we drew our attention to TM EMCО – muesli of Czech manufacturer Emco spol. s r. o .. Wide range of products (from quick cooking oat cereal to muesli bars) will satisfy the most demanding tastes and also provide everybody with nutrient and energy fruits, oats and other cereals. We are trying to show to our customers that you can eat right and healthy and delicious food at the same time! And the products that we offer combine the qualities of useful and tasteful flavour with a sense of children’s feeling and wish to eat some goodies! The benefits from healthy breakfasts by TM EMKO are huge as the ideal breakfast should consist of whole grains, which give us not only energy, but also dietary fiber. Dietary fibers, which dissolve, help to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, and fibers that does not dissolve, improve digestion! Thanks to the optimal combination of soluble and insoluble fibers of the grain products – cereal foods of Czech manufacturer are light, balanced and easily absorbed by the body. Besides, dairy products should be a part of a healthy breakfast.

After signing a contract with one of the largest manufacturers of production of muesli in Central Europe (Emco spol. s r. o.), in December 2012 ‘Nika Zahid LTD’ imported to Ukraine the first part of this product. So today, you can join the people who consume healthy products by TM EMKO. Company ‘Nika Zahid’ is the official importer and dealer of TM Emko in Ukraine, since we are interested in the health of our customers and development of new consumer trends which are related to healthy eating!