Our import: solutions that you need!

Our common goal is rapid and uninterrupted customer’s supply with high -quality product by optimizing the process of importing and setting up close and mutually beneficial cooperation with manufacturers. We possess the necessary knowledge and practical skills to achieve this goal, that is why, as the experience shows, close cooperation between the supplier and us creates a favorable atmosphere for creative and innovative solutions.

We guarantee:

  1. Realization of production import using our own transport (“Yevrolohistyka Ltd”) and the implementation of customs clearance by our own brokerage company “Bosphor”. Having our own transport company guarantees the timely delivery and the integrity of products to our warehouses.
  2. Availability of our own warehouses of European level (total warehouse area is over 14 000 sq. m.)
  3. Providing the full range of storage services and inventory management
  4. Providing services of customs clearance as import – export (declaration and brokerage services)