Household chemical goods

We particularly focus on the creation of a reliable system of the direct work in the market and dynamic partnerships with our customers, who are the key to our success.
Therefore, our range of household chemicals is selected and formed to offer everyone a wide selection of all products that meet the highest quality standards.
Popular domestic and foreign manufacturers guarantee quality and product safety, they provide continuous quality control at all stages of the production process, from raw material to finished product

Among our distributional package you will find the following popular brands:

Washing powders and detergents

E Stark Savex kokosal Semana ixi
Bonus gold Morning fresh oniks

Tools for shoes and shoe cosmetics

Smart Vilo Salamander Sitil twist

Paper products

Емека Milde divo ніжний дотик Умка просто чисто марго


Household and Cleaning products, Remedies against insects

arnest Krot cornil Mosquitall доктор макс