Hygiene products

Health and happiness of buyers is our priority.

That’s why we have formed a trade package that increases the level of comfort and quality of life, brings joy, care and freedom of your fellow man.

We offer you a wide range of products, among which you will find:
- Cotton;
- Male and female perfumes and cosmetics for face, body and hair;
- Hygiene products and cosmetics for daily care of the baby;
- Absorbing products and special cosmetics for people with incontinence (urinary incontinence) and others.

Among our range of hygiene products there are the most recognizable brands:

Cotton products:

Белла Свіжанка Aura я самая Bellaokotton

Soaps, shower gels:

Luksja Eva natura Teo bebe



K (kanion) Gabrini SPA cotton

Medical products:

Matopad Carex

Diapers (children and adults):

Pufies Happy Seni