Own brands

In the process of continuous improvement, we create products and solutions that enhance the comfort and quality of life. Based on these conditions, we offer the best alternative to product-market leaders with the appropriate level of quality and for a more affordable price, which enables consumers to wisely spend their budget, and distributors – to raise their own revenue.

These are TM ‘Ranok’ (food) and TM ‘Stark’ (household chemical goods).

Having chosen our production – You get:

  1. High level of quality which is equivalent to the product-market leaders
  2. The most beneficial prices
  3. Carefully selected and the most demanded range of products
  4. Attractive and convenient packaging
  5. Customers’ loyalty, which is quality-oriented

TM Ranok offers a wide range of foods, starting from cereals, sugar, vinegar, oil and canned vegetables to teas, pasta, soups, water and jelly.

The company ‘Nika Zahid’ manufactures some products by itself, others are private labels, produced by both known domestic and foreign companies (“Cannery Factory Dosi JSC” (Hungary, vegetable canning), “Oliyar PE” (Ukraine, oil), “Lutsk Foods PLC” (Ukraine, tomato group), “Vinnytsia factory of pasta PLC” (Ukraine, pasta) and others. From the very beginning TM ‘Ranok’, ‘Nika Zahid LTD’ has made its choice in favor of quality. Stability of product quality is the hallmark of the company.


TM Stark is household chemicals, which is produced on the order of ‘Nika Zahid LTD’ by European producer.

The production of TM Stark is a wide range of products for washing all types of fabrics, high quality of which is confirmed by numerous laboratory tests and quality certificates. These products do not contain phosphates, perfectly removes stains and gives the things a pleasant aroma; washing powder easily dissolves in water, does not leave residue; the technology of color protection not only removes stains, but also enhances the brightness of the color; besides, it is used a delicate formula which is designed specifically for the delicate skin. Quality and safety of TM Stark is controlled by the producer at all stages of the production cycle, starting from raw materials to finished products packaging.
European standards of quality products and reasonable price in the domestic market will satisfy the most demanding requests.